Living Unapologetically by Martha Dahhling

Let me get real with you guys. Contrary to what the above picture might suggest, I have been feeling like crap a lot lately (I was having a wonderful day when this picture was taking though). Maybe I'm having an existential crisis, maybe it's this transitional period of my life, maybe I'm just tired and stressed - I don't know but I don't feel on top form. My inner critic has been having a field day, making me second guess myself at every turn. I'm over this feeling now though, I'm taking action and rejecting this negativity. So today I want to share my intention for the week: living unapologetically. 

Living unapologetically means owning all of yourself - your quirks, your wonderful attributes and those that are not so great. To be unapologetically you in all aspects. To be true to your emotions and sentiments. To not let anybody make you feel inferior. To laugh when you want to and to be silent when you feel like it. To know you are enough and to dare anyone to tell you any different. To say it with your chest (ha) and to walk with your head tall. To smile at others' negative comments and let them blow through your hair like a gentle breeze. To regale in all your glory because we are you are fabulous in your own way. To say no when you need to and to not feel like you owe anyone an explanation. To make no excuses or apologies for being the way you are. 

Go out today and fuck shit up because you are fearfully and wonderfully made and deserve all the good that life has to offer. 

*drops mic* 

On a serious note, I hope this little note to self inspires any of you that might need a little reminder of how amazing you truly are. Don't let anyone or anything ever make you forget that. I think it's super important to remind yourself of all these little things that make you wonderful and to take the time to recharge and restore when you feel anything less than your best. Take it all one step at a time and have the confidence and faith to believe that you are enough. 

Martha x