Is Rihanna's LVMH-backed Fenty Maison All That We Hoped For?

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The hotly anticipated first drop of Rihanna’s LVMH backed luxury brand caused quite the stir last week. We were given a glimpse of the collection on the brand’s social media and across a number of news publications and sent into a flurry over news that the Bad Gal herself had been a North London resident for the past year! However, when full imagery of the first collection was released were we rushing to max out our credit cards and purchase a coveted Fenty piece?

I’ll confess, initially, I was very excited. The collection features a variety of statement yet very wearable pieces; the colour palette and range of textures gives me an off-duty, nonchalant vibe that could comfortably sit in my existing wardrobe. I was ready to sign up!

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The directional silhouettes and strong tailoring focus are balanced with sky-high hemlines and waist-cinching details. The collection exudes unapologetic sexiness whilst playing on gender stereotypes and notions of 80s power dressing. I feel the collection really embodies Rihanna’s personal style.

Pieces like the Blazer-with-Bumbag and hooded button down shirt highlight the collection’s attempts to appeal to the current trend for streetwear inspired pieces. This interpretation of a current trend demonstrates the “See Now, Wear Now” appeal of the brand which is a pivotal part of the Maison’s business model. Unlike other fashion houses with seasonal collections, Rihanna’s Fenty is set to operate a drop model, releasing new pieces and/or collections every few weeks. Pieces will need to be directional but also tap into trends of the moment to sustain such momentum and make the drop business model profitable. Fenty is not here to compete with the Céline’s or Jacquemus’s of the world, instead the Fenty Customer is probably the same person buying Balenciaga sock trainers and Off-White.  

Fenty 5-19 Release Rihanna by Marthadahhling

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the collection. It may not be the most avant-garde in terms of design. However from a commercial perspective, I think Rihanna and LVMH are really onto something here. The collection offers pieces that are wearable for the “average” person (with £840 to spend on a Blazer, of course). The website and campaign imagery highlights the versatility of each piece, offering styling ideas to the prospective customers which will hopefully lead to multi-buys for the brand. The Maison also launched range of accessories which are beautiful in their own right and can attract customers who may not wish to commit to full Fenty looks.

What did you think of the first Fenty Drop?

Martha xo

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