MarthaDahhling x UNKY

Say hello to Anne’s Elegance, the latest collection from Unky Bags.

It seems like a distant memory now, as I pull out yet another wooly jumper to battle baltic London temperatures but on my last day in Cameroon, I shot a marketing campaign for UNKY.

MarthaDahhling x Unky

UNKY is a small start up brand which specialises in handcrafted bags and accessories. All the bags are made by local artisans in Cameroon, West Africa. It’s also a brand with a cause; for each bag purchased, an UNKY bag full of school supplies is donated to an orphan in Cameroon.

MarthaDahhling x Unky 2

The African prints add a touch of personality and give each bag a unique feel, whilst the leather accents make them look expensive. The latest range also includes some great design features, for example the duffle bag includes a separate small compartment for your shoes. The wide range of colours and styles means you’re bound to find one that fits with your style. My personal favourite styles are the bum bag and the pouch, which I use as a laptop bag as well as an oversize clutch for when I’m feeling fancy!  

I’m really glad that I got to be part of the shoot. It was a fun albeit tiring afternoon but I’m glad I got to spend my last day in the sunshine out with my cousins (one of which is the founder of UNKY) and friends. Plus the photos look bomb, so what’s not to like?

MarthaDahhling x Unky 3

The website is currently down for maintenance but check out UNKY on Instagram.

Martha xo

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