4 Ways to Inject Life into Your Jumper and Jeans Combo

There’s nothing like a tropical Christmas vacay to make you realise you still have three months left of miserable wintery weather to get through. We were quite fortunate to have a pretty mild Autumn, but a cold snap has definitely landed this January. In fact, it’s probably going to get even colder before it warms up again. At this time of year all of my dreams of sassy winter-friendly outfits go out the window and I get stuck in a jeans and jumper rut.

It’s a pretty simple combo and it totally does the job of keeping me warm and comfortable. However, simplicity can also lead to boredom and I certainly feel a bit bored of my usual jeans and jumper routine. I find myself wondering what else can I add to this look. To give myself, and hopefully you guys, a little inspiration. I’ve pulled together four fresh ways to style a Jeans and Jumper that’ll keep us warm without looking blah all the way until April.

Layer an oversized printed shirt underneath your jumper.

Styling Jeans & Jumper Look 2 MarthaDahhling.jpg

I love an oversized shirt - they’re cosy, forgiving and have this wonderful “I woke up like this” vibe. Layer one underneath your jumper to switch up the usual combo and extra detail to an otherwise simple outfit.

Add some interesting socks to a cropped jean.

Styling Jeans and a Jumper Look 5 Marthadahhling.jpg

I’m totally here for a good socks and sandal combination (not pool sliders though, never socks and pool sliders). As much as I want to rock the barely there heeled sandal and sock look, it’s not practical for pounding the London pavements. Instead opt for a strappy mid heel with a pair of conversational socks pulled up to meet the crop of your denim. If it’s really cold, throw some tights on underneath.

Add a belted blazer

Styling Jeans and a Jumper Marthadahhling Look 3.jpg

It’s easy to feel a bit frumpy in the jeans and jumper combo. Adding a belted blazer instantly makes it more of a considered look. Bonus points for a neon knit.

Add a statement accessory.

Styling Jeans and Jumper Look 5 Marthadahhling.jpg

Adding a statement accessory is always a good idea honey. A dramatic hat or a faux fur stole can take your jeans and jumper to a whole new level. Trust me it’ll have you out here feeling like a new woman.

Martha xo

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