My Goals for 2019

2018 was kind of a blah year; it wasn’t amazing but it was certainly better than 2017! Looking back on this time last year, I was drained. 2017 had been tough and my first six months of “adult life” had totally knocked me sideways. I made some resolutions or goals but I was lacking focus and didn’t really believe in myself. In the end I spent a lot of last year reflecting and, for lack of a better term, soul searching; I asked myself a lot of difficult questions and took the time to really think about the answers.

In the spirit of New Year, I wanted to share some of my 2019 goals today. Now it’s not “New Year, New Me” bullshit, because I’ve been working on these same goals for about three years. However, with my renewed focus, perspective and energy, I feel more positive and energised in my pursuit of these goals. Maybe it’s because I’ll be reaching a particular age milestone, maybe it’s because last year taught me a lot about perspective or maybe it’s a simple case of New Year hopefulness but I have a really good feeling about 2019.

Goal 1: Financial Freedom

Okay, so my ultimate financial goal is to be filthy rich but that is not going to happen overnight. After a lot of research into personal finance I’ve found that being financially free really is the first step. Everyone defines financial freedom in their own way and this definition will change as your income changes, so there are many ways to achieve this goal. For me, this means finally clearing up my anxiety-inducing student overdraft(s) and getting an emergency fund together so that an unforeseen dentist appointment or cancelled flight doesn’t knock me into negative money. Time to reign in my relative champagne lifestyle and get real about my (current) lemonade budget.

Goal 2: Write 100 articles.

I’ve always loved writing - hence why I started this blog - but I know I can be a little lax with how often I write. In regards to writing, my ultimate goals is to contribute to a major publication - Refinery29, The Cut, BOF. In order to do that I feel I need to develop my writing skills and build my confidence which I intend to do by being consistent. I actually came across a great tip earlier today about challenging yourself to do something 100 times in the year. Granted, the number 100 might be arbitrary but the challenge is really promoting the idea that consistency and frequency are what help to develop a skill. So this year I’m aiming to write 100 articles across my blog and a few other publications that I have contributed to in the past.

Goal 3: Read at least 12 Books.

Cliché! I know. Nonetheless an important and worthwhile goal. I think you can learn so much by reading a physical book and I dream of having a beautiful library in my future Holland Park House (I’m claiming that into existence people). So my goal is partially to collect books that mean a lot to me as well as to learn something new. I’ve got a list as long as my arm on my phone of book recommendations and I’ve already crossed one off of my list for the year.

Goal 4: Build up and maintain my language skills

Did you know I speak three languages (excluding English) to varying degrees. I’d really like to be fluent in all three and then pick up one or two more in the future. As someone who likes to travel, I truly love being able to speak multiple languages as I feel it really helps you connect with people and the culture whilst abroad. I’ve kind of let my languages fall to the wayside a bit and I know with a bit of practice I’ll be back to relative fluency in two of the three. So this year, I intend to really dedicate time to maintaining these skills by watching Youtube videos/movies and reading in these different languages.

Pops of Orange Living Room Marthadahhling.jpg

Goal 5: Redecorate my Flat

I recently did a post on my ideas for my little redecoration project and I explained why I want to redecorate so this year I’m going to put that into action.

To help with accountability I’ll be posting quarterly check-ins as well as writing monthly book reviews and sharing personal finance and home decor tips along the way.

What are you goals for this year?

Martha xo

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