Stepping Out of Your (Sartorial) Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone: a behavioural space where your behaviours and patterns fit a routine that minimises stress and risk. Step away from that and you make your way towards unchartered territory. Uncertainty, however, is scary; it’s a stomping ground for self-doubt, a launch pad for rejection and a feeding frenzy for fear. However, sometimes uncertainty is exactly the kick up the ass we need to move forward in life. A little anxiety and stress helps us to perform at our best; by putting ourselves in a state of “optimal anxiety,” we are neither paralysed by fear into inaction nor are we so over-confident that we skim over the task at hand.

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Now, when it comes to my fashion choices, my comfort zone can undoubtedly be found in solid, unpatterned pieces in a relatively monochromatic colour palette. I may experiment with texture or a classic print (think stripes and gingham). I may venture into bolder coloured “statement” pieces but these are always decisively flanked by solid black. It’s got to a point where I am actually bored of black (gasp!). I have grown way to comfortable in my borderline gothic wardrobe and feel totally uninspired. I’ve found myself being drawn to the playful stylings of the likes of Shiona Turini, Amanda Murray and Kahala Barfield; they all know how to work a bold print in an even bolder colourway and always look fabulous doing it.

I feel it’s high time I march out of my colourless comfort zone into a new technicolour landscape. Which is exactly why I took the plunge in purchasing this ASOS Kimono Sleeve Jumpsuit. Like I mentioned, I have one or two statement pieces but this is the first time I’ve worn such a bold colour head-to-toe without any black anchorage to bring it back into the realm of my sartorial comfort zone. I wore the jumpsuit to a charity gala that I attended a few weeks ago and felt fucking fantastic! Granted, it’s just a jumpsuit but small steps lead to big changes and I’m looking to live out my maximalist ambitions.

Stepping Out of Your Fashion Comfort Zone 2 Marthadahhling.jpg

Aside from feeling a renewed sense of stylistic creativity and a confidence boost, stepping out of your comfort zone on a regular basis can have so many benefits beyond your fashion choices. Whether you’re changing careers, switching up your exercise routine or even simply taking a different route to work each day, challenging your boundaries can help you grow, make you more resilient and of course, increase productivity. If you’re still not convinced, Royston Guest has 7 reasons why you should step out of your comfort zone and The Huffington Post has 6 more. What are you waiting for?

Martha xo

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