How to Plan The Perfect Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

We all deserve a vacation every now and then; it’s the perfect way to rest and reboot your energy. A slaycation is just extra icing on the cake (plus everything looks 10 times better in the sun). Planning your outfits before you jet off, ensures you can bring the spice without compromising that much needed R&R. Here are my pre-flight tips and tricks to ensure your holiday outfits help you slay every damn day!


Slaycation - an overseas jaunt where you can wear all the fire outfits you’ve been planning but haven’t had a chance to wear yet.

Set the tone for your Holiday Wardrobe.

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Holidays are a great chance to experiment with new trends or looks you wouldn’t ordinarily wear. There’s something about being in a different country that gives you the added confidence to switch up your style a bit. I like to go with general concepts and moods when I’m planning looks as I find it’s so easy to just copy another person’s style without really making it your own. However, pulling specific inspiration from magazines and social media may help you nail that new trend you’ve been admiring.  

It’s a bit of a no-brainer but in setting the tone, you should also be mindful of your holiday destination. I mean you’re not going to be wearing a bikini on a city break are you (well you might, but that’s for you to decide)?

Shop your Wardrobe First.


Do you ever find yourself buying something because you absolutely love it but then are unsure of how to style it? Perhaps, you’re too afraid to really wear it out of the house so it just sits in your wardrobe mocking your boldness? Well, now’s your chance to pull those pieces out and get them into some real life action. Also, it’s not every day new clothes. Go digging in your wardrobe and try to remix pieces that you already have - your post-holiday bank balance will thank you.



If you’re been following me on instagram for a while you’ll know that I always wear these culottes with a black crop top of some kind. I never thought of pairing it with my Missguided nude body but I tried it out and ended up loving all the tonal goodness.  

Buy Pieces to Fill in the Gaps


This step is all about complimenting and pulling the overall look together. By this point you should already have an idea of the key items that you’re missing. Be ruthless here and shop smart. Whether it’s a fiery bikini, a hat or even some nude cycling shorts that you’re missing, if it doesn’t fit the overall aesthetic you’re going for on this Slaycation, don’t buy it. Between online deliveries, returns and in-store try on sessions, you’ll want to leave plenty of time for this step.

Sidenote: I’ve just discovered Klarna on Topshop and ASOS (I know, where have I been) which is great for holiday outfit planning. You can try before you buy and return without waiting forever for your refund (i.e more holiday spending money)!

Putting the slay together

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Try everything on! I really do mean everything - hats, bikinis, cover-ups, everything. Put together full looks from base pieces all the way through to accessories. That beachside bikini slay doesn’t just happen you know. Try things on for fit and by outfit as you go along. Then try it all on as a capsule wardrobe so you can make sure you’re hitting the overall aesthetic that you want.

Planning a slaycation is no easy feat but it's all part of the holiday excitement. Whether you want to stunt for the gram, or simply want to look nice on your baecation, I hope my tips help you turn your next vacay into a slaycay! Don’t ever worry about being overdressed - put some sass in your step and remember you came to slay honey!

What are your favourite tips for planning holiday outfits? 

Martha xo

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