New Beginnings?

My last post was exactly 8 weeks ago. Granted, in the grand scheme of things that may not seem like a long time but, as a friend pointed out to me during a recent phone conversation, a lot can happen in just a month, so an 8 week stint can be pretty dramatic.

Well, in my 8 week stint, I almost quit blogging for good. 

I've had a love hate relationship with blogging for a very long time. At the risk of sounding a bit pretentious, I've been blogging for a long, long time; almost 9 years to be exact. Inspired by blogs like Susie Bubble and Flying Saucer, I started by first blog when I was 15. It was full of polyvore collages and personal style photos taken in my garden. I was never all that consistent but  I could chat about trends, runway shows and outfit ideas without boring my friends to death. It was all for the love of clothes and the need for a creative outlet. 

Then, the personal style blogger became a bonafide thing. Everyone and their mum started a blog, showcasing themselves wearing the latest trends and editorial quality photographs became the only order of the day. Blogging became a business. Somewhere in that boom I lost my original passion for blogging. I would force myself to push out content and tried to fit myself into a niche; I started worrying about stats, wondering how I could work with brands and whether I was ever going to be good enough to do so. Ultimately, I got lost in the hustle and forgot why I started blogging in the first place which left me feeling apathetic and disillusioned. It was clear that, instead of throwing in the towel, what I really needed to do was rediscover my why, my purposes and my intentions for this blog. 

I don't really have all the answers yet but I am back with some fire (insert flame emoji), are you ready?    

Martha xo

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