Is Simplicity the Key to a Perfect Summer Outfit?

In short, yes. 

Summer is challenging, sartorially speaking. It's a constant struggle between being comfortable in 25 degree weather and also trying to look fierce. I do not want to be battling with tight clothes and riding hemlines when it's scorching outside. 

How to Style a White Shirt Women Marthadahhling.JPG

An easy fix? Keep it simple and throw in some statement accessories. 

I wore this outfit to film a promotional video for The Junior Network  (an amazing member's club for entry-level fashion professionals in London). The dress code was a white top and mid-blue jeans with the freedom to accessorise however you like. Little did I know that this dress code makes for the perfect summer outfit formula.

This Primark mens white shirt is oversized enough to allow for ventilation (It still wasn't airy enough for a mid-summer central line commute but what's a girl to do?) and these ASOS Farleigh jeans are my absolute favourites - the fit is out of this world. Despite the simplicity of my base outfit, I elevated the look by accessorising with some conversation pieces and an attitude that said "honey, I came to slay"

Simple Summer Outfit  Marthadahhling.JPG

What's your favourite Summer outfit formula?

Martha xo

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