Nike Air Max 97: The Beginning of a Beautiful Love Affair

Firstly, let me start by acknowledging that I'm late to the game. The Nike Air Max 97 Bullet first came to the market (as the name would suggest) in 1997 - but I was 3 when that happened and probably couldn't even spell "Nike" let alone know that I would eventually want to own a pair. The iconic "Silver Bullet" was re-released early last year, selling out quicker than you could even say bullet.  

Marthadahhling Nike Air Max 97 .jpg

Nonetheless, the consistent exposure lead me to purchase my very own 97s. I thought about tracking down the ubiquitous silver, but instead I opted for a slightly more understated metallic cashmere colourway - and let me tell you I'm in love. 

Not only are the 97s super comfortable but their sleek design makes them really easy to wear - especially for someone like myself who has had a long-time aversion to chunky trainers. I also think the metallic cashmere colour way fits nicely with my existing wardrobe and my skin-tone. The only thing I'm kicking myself about is ordering them slightly too large. I'm usually a size 6 in shoes but after trying a couple of pairs of Nike trainers, I probably should have sized down to a 5.5. 

MarthaDahhlin Nike Air Max 97 Womens Outfit.png

You may have seen these trainers knocking about on my Instagram but I actually wore them as part of a planned outfit for the first time last Saturday. I accompanied my brother to Snobcon, a sneaker/streetwear event held in Stratford. I decided to pair them up with a nude bodysuit and some camo trousers, anchoring the whole look with some black, of course.  

These 97s have definitely re-ignited my love of trainers - I used to have a modest high-top collection. Now, I'm not quite at sneakerhead levels - you will not be seeing me queuing outside footlocker at 5am waiting for new drops just yet (or ever) - but between pounding pavements in London and yearning for stylish comfort, there will definitely be lots more trainers added to my collection. 

What are your favourite trainers? 

Martha xo