Slay Season: 4 Ways to get your Sh*t together.

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Ladies and gents, Slay Season is in session. 

Let me explain. About 2 years ago, I developed SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I don't know how exactly it happens but the days get shorter and my life seems to fall apart. I essentially become a bit of a hermit from October through to February, emerging only to catch flights to sunnier climes. 

Then March rolls around. Temperatures start to creep up, the sun is up before I am and life starts to look a little bit brighter. I get back into my flow and feel ready to take over the world once again. 

Enter Slay Season

Slay Season: A period of time where your mindset changes and you feel like the world is yours for the taking. A renewed sense of energy, usually brought on by the advent of Spring and the prospect of Summer. Your smile is infectious; your hair is growing; your skin is glowing; your booty is getting fatter and you have no man problems to speak of.

Of course, Slay Season needs to be capitalised upon. This renewed sense of energy is the perfect time to really forge ahead with all those goals and dreams. So, if like me SAD really fucks with your flow, here are 4 ways you can take advantage of the new Spring in your step (pun, totally intended). 

1) Set goals and work out an action plan. 

Whether you simply want to learn a new language or start up a business. Set measurable and achievable long term goals and break them down into weekly or monthly milestones. 

Winter may be inevitable but setting yourself up now, whilst you're at peak performance, will actually act as a motivator through the colder months. Plus, with longer days during the Spring and Summer fuelling your energy and motivation, your more likely to make a decent dent into your action plan. 

2) Surround yourself with good people. 

This tip is evergreen. Your free time is precious, you have complete control over who you chose to spend your time with. You're a reflection of the people you spend your time with and who wants to waste time with negative people (uhh, no thanks)? Ditch those people that drain you, that take from you without giving back. 

Find people who want to see you win; share your goals and dreams with them, plan and grow together. Friends who plan together, slay together. 

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3) Hit the gym or start a new exercise class. 

Endorphins are important people! Even if you're not trying to snatch your waist and grow your glutes. Try out some new exercise classes or join a gym (and actually go). There's nothing more motivating and uplifting than pushing through a tough workout. I always feel like I can do anything and everything after a good sweat session. 

4) Buy the damn shoes. 

Trousers, or handbag - whatever your thing is just buy it. My flow is seriously fucked over SAD season, it affects everything from my general mood and outlook to my inability to dress myself properly (ha!). I always seem to buy the most random clothes in Winter, only to get frustrated by later thoughts of "Why the hell did I buy this? Who was I when I bought this?" Call me crazy, but I know that the sartorial purchases I make in Slay Season will be the purchases that a) make sense to my overall personal style b) will make me feel amazing every time I wear them. So buy the damn shoes and get ready to slay! 

Even if you don't suffer from SAD, these tips are a great way to get yourself in gear and get your shit together. 

Does anyone else suffer with SAD? 

Martha xo