Decorating a Small Space: My Initial Plans

I’ve been living in London for 18 whole months (!). I know, it feels like 2 minutes and an eternity all at the same time. I’ll let you in on a little secret - I wasn’t all that sold until about 6 months ago. A part of me really missed small city life and another part of me was considering making sun, sand and sea a more permanent backdrop. Effectively, I was physically in London but I was mentally preparing to jump ship. Nonetheless, I’ve now decided that I’m not quite done with London yet and should probably give it a proper chance. What better way to do that than getting settled with a little flat revamp?

The Bathroom

Decorating a Small Space Marthadahhling

As I write this, I’ve just spent the day scrubbing, steaming and scouring my well loved bathroom in an attempt to reveal the true colour of the tiles and give the whole bathroom a new lease of life. The aim is to make my small windowless bathroom feel as luxurious and airy as possible. So I intend to use a neutral colour palette pretty neutral with pops of bright colour and keep the visible clutter to a minimum.

The Living Room/Dining room/Bedroom

Pops of Orange Living Room Marthadahhling.jpg

I live in a Studio which means my bedroom is effectively my living room/dining area. I’ve always been the kind of person who believes beds/bedrooms should be functional - sleeping, reading and other in-bed activities only… Beyond pretty sheets, I don’t feel like a bed needs much else. Instead I’ll be focusing on the living room/dining situation super cosy. I’ll be working around some existing furniture which is a dark brown so I’ll be adding in other dark wood pieces and bringing everything together with orange and warm neutral coloured soft furnishings.

As space is scarce, shelving is going to be pretty important. I’m hoping to do the typical instagram/pinterest thing of styling the shelf so it’s both pretty and functional.

Shelving Units Decoration Plans Marthadahhling.jpg

The Kitchen

Marthadahhling Kitchen Ideas.jpg

I’m still quite undecided on the kitchen. My “hardware” is silver and my worktops are black. My cabinets, however, are cream - not my colour of choice at all. I’m tempted to change them to grey or a duck egg blue or maybe even mint. Mint would match my kitchen tiles but it’s a bit left field of my interior tastes - worth a try though right?

Kitchen Storage Ideas Marthadahhling.jpg

I really like the look of mason jars/clip jars and glass storage so I definitely want to feature that somehow. It would also be great to get a bar and hook storage for my pots but I may be overestimating my DIY skills. here.

It’s quite an exciting project and I’m hoping to have it finished by Easter - I somehow offered to make Easter Dinner for my family so it would be nice to have it all together by then. I’ll definitely be sharing my progress and DIYs as I go along. So make sure you’re checking back in for updates.

Martha xo

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