#NewsBite: Nike's New York Flagship May Just Revolutionise the Way We Shop

On the 15th November 2018, Nike opened the doors of it’s sprawling new NYC flagship. Aside from the usual seductive visual merchandising and eye-watering square footage (68,000 square feet to be precise), Nike’s flagship will introduce an innovative “Speed Shop” service.

Why am I excited? Well in recent years, I’ve developed a polarised relationship with shopping. I love the thrill of a new purchase and I like to try on everything before parting with my hard earned cash. However, the mere thought of trawling around a busy store looking for that item I’ve seen everywhere fills me with absolute dread. Well, Nike’s “Speed Shop” model may signal a new way to shop.

The “Speed Shop” model cleverly syncs with the Nike Retail App allowing you to reserve all the styles you want ahead of time (or even whilst in the store, if you’re the browsing kind"). Your selected styles are then placed into a locker, which can be unlocked using your phone, and are ready for you to try on. The best bit? You can also pay directly using the app.

Although this type of retail model is similar to the Apple model (and also Argos’s model if you think about it), it is new to the clothing industry. In terms of tech-driven retail initiatives, it differs from a standard click and collect as there is no obligation to buy and it converts what could be digital sales into brick-and-mortar sales, whilst still giving us the speed and ease we crave. If it’s successful, it could be a turning point in the battle to save the brick-and-mortar store.

In times like this, where we’re all going at a 100miles per hour and every second is precious - who really wants to spend hours searching when you can click a few buttons and have the item waiting for your arrival. Safe to say, I’m sold.

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Do you like the traditional shopping experience? What do you think about this Nike’s innovation?

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