The Best Boxing Gyms in London

Boxing - it’s pretty on trend at the moment. I was first introduced to boxing whilst living in Barcelona. I had a training session/date with an ex-amateur boxer and whilst I may not have fallen for him, I totally fell for the sport. If you’re in the market for a new form of exercise that is physically tough but also requires a lot of concentration, quick thinking and skill, boxing may be for you.

Whether you’re after a gimmicky high-energy boxercise class to simply get you moving or have intentions of stepping in a ring and actually punching someone, there’s certainly no shortage of boxing classes and gyms in London. There are a huge number of boxing gyms available in London. If you’re like me and want to get in a good workout, learn some technique but not actually punch anyone (well for the most part), I’ve got two London boxing gyms which could be perfect for you.


Outrivals, Old Street

Outrivals was my first real boxing “home” in London. The gym itself is lovely, despite being underground they’ve still managed to make the atmosphere light, bright and airy. The changing rooms are fully stocked with everything from dry shampoo to make-up wipes. As with many a boutique London gym it is, of course, quite a small space but that also means small classes where you get a reasonable amount of one-on-one attention. The one-on-one attention and small class size allows for lots of opportunity to learn proper boxing technique. Aside from boxing classes, they also host a variety of other fitness classes to cater to all your exercise needs.

Outrivals 2.jpg

The best thing about Outrivals is the way in which they build an engaged community around their gym. They organise lots of members activities both social (with a fitness slant of course) and charitable - they do a monthly community project - and they are also mindful of their environmental impact. The staff are also genuinely friendly people, taking the time to chat to each member and offer positive encouragement during sessions. Oh, and they also have protein smoothies which are absolutely delicious!


12 x 3, Paddington and Aldgate

I remember the first time I walked into a 12 x 3 gym, I swear it felt like I was coming to fight for the world heavyweight title. The dimly lit basement in its monochrome colour palette has a full size ring in the middle and various “stations” around the ring. Whilst it may be aesthetically opposite to Outrivals, 12 x 3 still offers a workout that’s tough but not scary tough and with all the comforts of a boutique gym.

12x3 Gym.jpg

The class sizes are slightly larger than at Outrivals but with the amount of space available you hardly even notice. Additionally, a large proportion of the trainers are team GB boxers or world competitors so there’s no compromise on technique and one-on-one teaching within the classes, even with a larger class size. The showers are also lovely and the changing rooms are stocked with hair dryers and toiletries for you to use. They do have different types of classes but these are all centered on boxing - conditioning, sparring and technique. Did I mention they have a full size boxing ring?

If you’re ready to give boxing a try or if your already a fan, both of these gyms offer a strong focus on technique and skill and a good workout but still have all the comforts and style of a boutique gym. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Martha xo

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