What is "real beauty"?

Don't chase people. Work hard, be real, and be you. The right people who belong in your life will find you. Do your thing. 

Have you seen that quote (or variations of it) floating around the internet before? I think it sends a great message about real beauty. It suggests that beauty is innate in each and everyone of us, measured by the strength of your character, your values and your integrity, by your everyday actions. It's not about how sexy you look, whether your butt is round and your waist is small, or whether your closure is laid for the gods; it's so much more than that superficiality. 

Ever notice how when you are feeling good about yourself, you attract more - be they friends, mentors, past lovers who re-emerge to "check up on you", new prospects who try to shoot their shot or career/travel/other opportunities? That, my friends, is a reflection of your inner light shining through. 

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You may think I've hopped on the Law of Attraction horse, or that I've been reading too many self-help type books but I truly believe and wanted to highlight that real beauty comes from within.

Real beauty comes from being happy with you as a whole, being comfortable in your own skin. The most beautiful people are those who light up a room with their laugh; who inspire you with their zest for life and positivity; who take care of themselves and take care of those that they love. They may not be the most classically attractive people in the room but they have a magnetism that makes people gravitate towards them. 

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So, instead of slaving in the gym in the quest for a Kim K size booty or spending major dollar on the latest contour kit* in order to fit into someone else's standard of beauty, maybe we should focus on our inner selves. Learn to accept who you are in your entirety; the good, the bad and the ugly. Live your best life and become your most beautiful self by doing things that align with your values; building your personality and nurturing your hobbies and past times; become interested in the world around you and go after your dreams and ambitions.  

(*if you are doing these things for you then by all means be my guest, but please don't do it to mould yourself into someone else's ideal image - it's not worth it.)

Live your best life! Try it and tell me how much brighter you're shining boo. 

Martha xo

OutfitDress - River Island (old); Crop Top (worn underneath) and shoes, Topshop; Sunglasses, Unknown.