4 New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018

New Year's resolutions: they're a bit cliché and notoriously hard to stick to but here are 4 that you should definitely make to start the New Year off on the right foot and ensure that 2018 marks the start of an even more fabulous you!  

Travel More

I made this a key goal for 2017 and managed to travel to 4 new places. It was expensive, it was tiring but the memories I made and the experiences I had in those places are absolutely priceless. Travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone, challenging you to learn new things about yourself and develop skills that are so easy to neglect at home. It teaches you patience, adaptability and how to think on your feet but, and most importantly, it teaches you about other cultures from a first hand perspective. We're so fortunate to live in a time where travelling is relatively easy whether it's a trip to a neighbouring city or an international adventure. Don't waste it, go out and see the world!  

Invest in Yourself

Whether that means taking the time to learn a new skill or develop existing ones, hiring a personal trainer or pursuing a new hobby investing in yourself is so important. You are your greatest asset and I truly believe that you need to give to yourself before you can give to others. It's up to you to develop your talents and to go after the kind of life you want to lead. So put yourself first this year and invest your time and money in being your best self.  

Cultivate a Self-Care Routine and Make it a Habit

I know self-care is a bit of an undefined buzzword. Nonetheless, defining what self-care means to you and making it part of your routine is supremely important. The ever-increasing pace of life and our tendency to be 'always on' (thank you social media/the internet) often means we just forget to take care of ourselves. We need downtime to recharge our batteries and allow us to put our best face forward when facing the world. So whether your self-care looks like a face mask, a bubble bath and a glass of red, a gruelling hour at the gym, or 20 minutes of meditation each morning carve out some constructive you time and make it a regular priority.  

Protect Your Energy

Are we starting to see a somewhat individualistic pattern here? I mean, I'm all for the greater good but sometimes it's good to be selfish. Nonetheless, this last "resolution" is probably the most important. It encapsulates and gives rise to all the others. If a self-care habit is the charger, protecting your energy is the battery - protect your energy enough and you won't need to recharge so often. How does one protect their energy? Well with these two simple (but not so simple) rules:

Don't let just anyone or everyone into your life

Don't spend too much of your time doing things you hate.

I was fortunate enough to kick off the year by being able to make a start on one of my resolutions! Here's to 2018 being another blessed year. 

360 Observatory; Chicago, IL (02.01.18)

360 Observatory; Chicago, IL (02.01.18)