T-shirt: Shades of Hoxton

T-shirt: Shades of Hoxton

Uniform dressing is not just for school children; it can actually be a really useful habit to cultivate as an adult. In a previous post I touched on how uniform dressing can help you to avoid decision fatigue as you're reducing the number of choices you have to make before you get into full productive mode. Today, however I want to delve deeper into the steps to creating a successful, functional but interesting uniform. 

Stick to one Silhouette.

Previously, when trying to construct a uniform, I tried to do much at once. I tried to create multiple uniforms to provide me with enough variety to chop and change depending on my mood. However, after a little research into the topic, I've realised that the key to really creating a successful and functional daily uniform is focusing in on one silhouette and rocking that like an absolute champion. Get that silhouette in multiples and own it. 

Pick a silhouette you absolutely love. 

This is super important. Once you've come around to the idea of having just one signature silhouette. It's time to pick that silhouette. Go for something that make you feel amazing, whether that's feeling like a powerful superwoman, like a seductive temptress or like a cute and quirky individual. For me it's as simple as denim and a tucked in t-shirt or high-neck jumper. I don't know why but that outfit combo always makes me feel like a star, like I'm ready to take whatever the day throws at me.

Start with strong base colours...and be consistent. 

The idea is to eliminate the choice, the mental energy expended when deciding what to wear in the morning. Stick to colours that you know work for you. I don't believe this needs to be neutral colours - if hot pink is your colour then get it girl! The most important think is to be consistent with the colours you wear. This will not only help you to create that coveted signature style but it will also mean that the pieces in your uniform are fully interchangeable. 

Get creative with accessories

Stick to your uniform but play around with your accessories. I think this tip is particularly important for those of you who, like myself, get bored really easily and yearn to experiment. Accessories are much easier to mix and match and can make a big sartorial impact with much less energy expended. Throw on a statement necklace or earrings, add a cool-girl fedora or a pair of show-stopping shoes. Details really are the piéce de résistance that will make your outfit memorable without causing stress. Accessories are also an easy way to update your wardrobe without the heavy and often frivolous expenditure that come with following trends. 

Play around more on the weekends

This tip is more like a little disclaimer. I think having a uniform is great for the working week but I wholeheartedly advocate playing around with fashion a bit more over the weekend or when on vacation. Fashion is supposed to be fun but trying to pick out a fresh outfit every morning when you should be focusing on work, university or other things can be exhausting. Nonetheless, if you're the type to feel a bit caged in by uniform dressing from time to time, the weekend, events or vacations can be a welcome break. It's always fun to experiment. Moreover, once you've narrowed down your core uniform, a little experimentation can help you find new silhouettes that you love, that are also functional for the working week, which can help you develop your uniform into more of a capsule wardrobe. 

So give it a try and let's curate wardrobes that we love, that work for us as much as we work for them. 

Let me know what you think of signature styles and uniform dressing in the comments section below! 

Martha xo