Off-Duty Dressing: How to Style the Jeans and T-shirt combo

How to Style the Jeans and T-shirt combo

Sometimes, you're just too frazzled to put together an outfit that slays. Enter the jeans and t-shirt combo. 

A simple jeans and t-shirt look, when done correctly, screams nonchalant laidback, 'I woke up like this' sass (à la Beyoncé, not 'I really couldn't be bothered'). Here are three tips to help you achieve this look.

How to Style the Jeans and T-shirt Combo

Printed Tees

Recently I've become a fan of the printed tee. Whether you're rocking a slogan, a cute graphic or some other print, this little detail really adds something extra to your jeans and tee combo. A well placed graphic makes the look appear less accidental. 


Now, I'm not much of an accessories fan but when my outfit is a paired back as a jeans and tee, I like to play with accessorising. In my opinion the bolder the accessories the more intentional the jeans and tee combo looks. Nobody is trying to look like they had a sartorial brain fart.

How to Style the Jeans and T-shirt Combo


Remember the details of your outfit - it's a surefire way to look pulled together. Experiment with different t-shirt tucks, cuff the hems of your jeans or opt for jeans with extra detailing. 

Let me know in the comments below how you like to style a Jeans and T-shirt look. 

Martha xo


Top: Frenchkind | Jeans: Asos Farleigh Jeans (Customised by me) | Shoes & Sunglansses: Primark