How to Style Gingham

Temperatures have soared recently; my brain and make up may have melted but at least I can still dress myself right? I don't know about you but my wardrobe is never ready for Britain's penchant for random heatwaves and I usually just go into sartorial meltdown. This summer I am ready, or at least resolving to stay cute in the heat! 

How To Style Gingham

An oversized men's shirt is perfect for hot weather - light airy and versatile with little brain power needed to make it look cute. I paired it with some gingham culottes. I always prefer wearing breezy trousers instead of mini skirts during the day as I'm not part of team thigh gap and walking anywhere with sticky bare legs is just a nightmare.  

How to Style Gingham

Shirt & Sunglasses: Primark, Mens

Culottes: Zara, Similar 

Mules: Asos, Similar

White Mules

What's your favourite way to style gingham? Comment below and tell me how you'd do it! 

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Martha x