On the Power of the Accessory Marthadahhling

How often do you have that 'I hate all my clothes/I have nothing to wear' feeling? I probably experience such turmoil fortnightly. That horrible sinking feeling when you have an event to attend and you know you want to feel fabulous but your wardrobe is just serving frumpy and you neither have the time nor money to obtainthe kind of fierceness you envisage. The struggle is real guys! 

On the Power of The Accessory

Enter the transformative power of accessories. I've never been much of an accessoriser - I hate when my accessories are so fussy that they make it hard for me to just get on with my day. However, this outfit showed me how misguided I was. 

Sometimes all you need is a little accessory to switch up your entire outfit. Accessories can bring your outfit more in line with current trends (and the current you) without breaking the bank! Moreover, accessories really individualise an outfit, allowing you to show more personality. 

I'd class myself as an amateur accessoriser (okay, maybe novice is more accurate) but this outfit was definitely a step in the right direction. I've actually worn this outfit before but the addition of some fishnet ankle socks and a headwrap gave it a new lease of life. Consider this the first in my accessory adventures! 

Why You should be accessorising by MarthaDahhling

Dungarees: Vintage

Cropped Top: H&M 

Bag & Scarf (headwrap): Zara

Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Socks: Primark 

Sunglasses: Topshop

Let me know your favourite way to accessorise in the comments section below!

Martha x