I’ve been in London now for the grand total of 5 days, so I think I’m more than qualified to instruct you on how you (and by you, I mean we) can become bonafide Londoners. 

1) Get a manicure! 

On my first day of my internship, I was acutely aware of how un-manicured and unsightly my fingernails were. That may be because the Londoners I have encountered so far have beautifully manicured fingernails or because I removed my last shellac manicure from the comfort of my own home with the help of some tweezers moonlighting as a scraping tool. Make of that what you will. 

On a side note, I don’t know what the going rate is for a mani-pedi in London but I’ve found a reasonably priced place on Westbourne Grove where you can get the full shebang (hand and foot massages included) for £30. I feel like the real Londoners visit their manicurist at least once a week but if, like me, your bank balance is not set up for that kind of life make it a monthly treat and do a weekly DIY session. 

P.S Even London men get manicures - so I’ve been told besides everyone deserves well manicured nails.

2) Do not wait for the green man

Jay-walking is the ultimate mark of a Londoner. No one has the time to wait for the green man, or to even make it all the way to a designated pelican crossing. If you see a break in the steady flow of traffic, make a beeline for the other side of the road. If the traffic is somewhat stagnant, dart in between cars and busses to get to your destination. 

3) Fresh Make-Up is King

The London women I have encountered so far have this fresh-faced, effortless but rugged kind of beauty look going on. Whether it’s slightly quirky, hipster style glitter eyes in Soho or a more just got back from St.tropez, laid back glam of Kensington make up is never caked in London. I don’t know what brands/products these women are using but shine is non-existent, dark circles are expertly covered and brows are perfectly coiffed! 

I am absolutely loving London - it’s such a vibrant and dynamic city. London is such an interesting place with so much diversity in such a concentrated space so it’s hard not to be inspired by the melting pot of cultures, style and tastes which makes such a refreshing change from Newcastle. These are just some of my initial observations of what life is like in London. I’ve got a few more Non-Londoner’s Guides to London in the pipeline for you guys so hit the follow button below to make sure you don’t miss out! 

Martha x


How to Become a Londoner