Leaving comfort zones and showcasing new shoes

You may have seen me raving about these shoes over on instagram but they are everything I look for in a shoe - show-stopping. They needed an outfit that says "look at the shoes, dammit!" So I thought they'd be perfect to pair with these Missguided trousers - the ruffled asymmetric hem detail really draws the eye down to the shoe. 

Leaving comfort zones and showcasing new shoes


A few years ago, you wouldn't have caught me in anything ruffled - I used to run screaming and shouting in the opposite way from anything too girly and ruffles are definitely girly. So these Missguided trousers were a little out of my comfort zone. This season's ruffles, however, have a bit less of a girly flare to them, my inner (like really deep down there now) tomboy.  

leaving comfort zones and showcasing new shoes

Martha xo

How do you guys feel about the ruffle trend?

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