FEAR AS FUEL - Embracing fear for a better you by Marthadahhling

When I shot this photo, I wanted to link it to facing your fears and using them to propel you to take action. You see wearing shorts is somewhat of a "fear" of mine. Instead of talking about fear, however, I'm going to talk to you about the hypersexualisation of women's bodies. 

In 2017, women still have to worry about whether their outfit is too racy for daily activities. Whether jeans are too tight, such that they might elicit slut-shaming glares or oogles. It's tiresome isn't it? We don't get to choose our bodies, yet as women we are constantly judged and pigeonholed based on what they look like. We're consistently seen as sexual objects by a society that judges us and encourages us to see each other in that way. In a world full of Kim Kardashians and Kylie Jenners, it seems like your baseline worth, as a woman, is directly proportional to your bust-waist-hip ratio. 

I'll spare you a repeat of my dissertation on how profoundly damaging the commodification of women is and leave you with a short and sweet message: own your body. Be proud of your body whether you're the proud owner of thick thighs, full cups or a shapely backside, because it is so so much more than a dehumanised sexual object. It houses the magnificent and amazing person that you are. Secondly, wear what makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and sassy - don't feel you have to cover up or bare all to fit into someone else's view of what looks good. Lastly, don't let anyone make you feel inferior or like a sexualised object. 

Martha xo 

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