10 Things to Do In London This Summer

I'm heading to the big smoke! I'm heading to London to undertake an internship in Fashion Marketing and PR. I can't tell you how excited I am to join the hustle and bustle. If you asked me 6 months ago, I would have told you that I didn't really want to live in London but it seemed like a necessary step. 6 months ago I also believed I wanted to work in corporate law. 

However, with the right opportunity (and career goal that actually align with my personality), living in London seems like an absolute dream. Although my bank account may not be, I am 100% excited to embark upon this journey. To mark the change, I thought I'd share some things I want to tick off my London Bucket list with you all. Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below! 

  • View works of the greats at the Tate Modern - I love impressionist art and the Tate Modern houses some of the greats like Cézanne, Manet and Sisley. I'll also get a chance to explore some new artists plus it's free!

  • Take in all of Colombia Road Flower Market Who doesn't love fresh flowers and plants? I think they give a space a really calming effect. I bought myself a peace lily from Ikea at the beginning of this academic year and there's just something so fulfilling about looking after a plant. Also, Instagram goals - need I really say anymore?

  • Explore The Saatchi Gallery - So many galleries! The Saatchi gallery houses contemporary art pieces, showcasing art that's being made now which makes a good contrast to the more traditional galleries like the Tate Modern.

  • Wander Portobello Market I think I've only been on Portobello Road during Nottinghill Carnival. I've heard Portobello market is a treasure trove and I definitely want to see if I can score some unique gems.

  • Brunching & munching - lots of it (well as much as my bank balance will reasonably allow) - food will always have the top spot in my heart.

  • Watch Sunset at the Sky Garden - somewhat overpriced cocktail in hand. A good friend of mine is pretty obsessed with the view from above, whenever I go to visit him he's always ready to show me the coolest spots with the most fantastic views. Initially, I didn't understand the fascination but when you actually stop and take in a good view, it really is magical. Add some cocktails and good friends to that equation and you have an absolute winner.

  • Catch a show at the West End - Theatre > Cinema. That is all I'm going to say on that matter.

  • The Jack the Ripper Tour - I was enthralled when I first learned about Jack the Ripper. The mystery surrounding his (or her, depending on your preferred theory) identity is so intriguing. I missed out on my chance to do the Jack the Ripper Tour with my family when the 2011 riots broke out, I will not miss out again.

  • Visit an exhibition at Somerset House - Can you tell I like art?

  • Explore Little Venice - It's called Little Venice! I quite like actual Venice, so I figure little Venice will infuse some of that Italian romanticism with traditional Britishness. Plus there's lots of cute cafes and you guys know I love a quaint cafe.

  • Picnic in one of the many parks - okay I don't really do picnics in parks because I'm not a fan of bugs in my food or grass stains but it's a very romantic idea. Maybe I'll stay on my feet and go for a nice afternoon walk?

  • Dennis Severs House - It looks like an absolute trip! My inner history lover will be more than satisfied.

Martha xo

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10 Things to Do In London