Zara Blazer (shop) & Bag; Topshop Jamie Jeans, Sunglasses and Sandals; Forever 21 Bodysuit

Pink is everywhere this season, from blush and pastel tones to the more daring, shocking and hot pink shades. I've always been a fan of hot pink so when I spied this hot pink blazer from Zara I knew it would be the perfect addition to my black, blue and grey wardrobe. I feel like I've been in a bit of a fashion rut lately. I've been trying to live minimally and just kind of shop my own wardrobe but I was in desperate need of some new season upgrades. The stagnancy in my wardrobe was really starting to kill my vibe (that and the perma-grey weather).  

My brother (and photographer for the day) wasn't too keen on the hot pink - does that mean I've hit the epitome of fashun by being somewhat man repellant?  

This exchange, and various others over the past few weeks, got me thinking about external validation. In the current social media fuelled climate, external validation is the life-blood of most 20-something year olds. Whether that's through wanderlust inspiring holiday pics, the stories of our non-stop-hustle or snaps of our latest purchases or - the more private manifestation of our quest for external validation - from boyfriends, parents and friends. We're constantly looking for a way to prove we are cooler, more cultured, more hungry, just more than the next. 

Now before you scoff at how ironic it is that I'm talking about this in an outfit post featuring one of my latest (and probably trendiest) purchases, I want to challenge the argument that wanting external validation is bad. I feel like our age group (millennials, if you will) constantly seek external validation but, at the same time, want to be perceived as above wanting it. There's nothing wrong with wanting a pat on the back when you've slayed life or your outfit. Arguably, this is very different from uploading a picture on instagram with the sole purpose of garnering 3 million likes (then proceeding to delete it when it only gets 30, don't worry I've done that once or twice too). Nonetheless, external validation is, on some level, validation of your hard work and confirmation that you're doing alright - we don't live in an atomistic vacuum we're sociable beings operating within a society goddamit! 

So cut yourself a bit of slack, in this stage of life where it's easy to feel unsure about yourself, a little outside validation and appreciation can give you that confidence boost you need, even if that comes in the form of instagram likes and retweets. One caveat: The pursuit of external validation can be bad if you allow it to rule your daily decisions, push you to behave out of character and allow it to damage your self-worth and self-esteem. Always assess your true motivations - if you can only find external reasons for whatever your doing, is it really making you happy? 


Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of external validation and hot pink of course!

Martha xo  

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