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In the last few months, I've really been getting into podcasts. I love listening to them on my walk into uni or on long drives home. Podcasts are such a great way to learn something new! I love that you can just put on a podcast whilst you get on with other things in your day, plus hearing someone else share their insight is so much more motivating than simply reading it for yourself! 

Here are 3 that are on my permanent rotation and why you should subscribe to them now! 

The Daily Boost: 

The Daily Boost's mission is to get you motivated to take action and achieve your goals each and everyday. If you're a premium member you can actually get that motivation everyday, The Monday podcast, however, is free and available for everyone. I love a good bit of positivity on my route to uni - especially if I'm less than excited about the prospect of another long library session - and the great thing about the daily boost is that it's usually less than 10 minutes long! Sometimes I just want a short motivational boost so I can get back to my Spotify playlist and have a little shimmy in my head. 

A Little Happier with Gretchen Rubin: 

Gretchen Rubin's podcasts are all about how you can make your days a little bit happier, providing you with happiness hacks for a more fulfilled everyday life. Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author, so if anyone knows what their talking about it's her! I love Gretchen's style of podcasting because she sounds really conversational, it's like having a chat with your more enlightened bestie. 

The Simple Sophisticate:

Shannon Ables' podcast promises to inspire you to live a life of quality and create a life you truly love. Are we seeing a theme here? Shannon's podcasts however a little bit more than just happiness hacks, she also talks about fashion and style, cooking and general lifestyle. The best thing about Shannon's podcasts is that, as a self-confessed francophile, she peppers her podcasts with a little bit of French culture tidbits. Who doesn't love a bit of French style and je ne sais quoi? 

Comment below and let me know whether you listen to podcasts? Which ones are your favourites? 

Martha xo

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