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I know what you're thinking, journalling is for 13 year olds going through that awkward stage in life. It's okay, I thought so too but then remember you're a grown up and you can do whatever you want! 

Journalling can actually be really beneficial whether you prefer the bullet journal method, free writing or want to start each entry with "dear diary." Just like you go to the gym and cut back on those cakes/brownies (I'm still working on that part) in order to take care of your physical health, you should do things to care for your mental health. Journalling can be one way to ensure your mind is right all the time. By getting all those inner thoughts out on paper, you free up mental space, alleviate anxiety and can actually make sense of all those thoughts that often just seem like one huge jumbled mess when you're going a million miles per hour during the day.

It can also help you learn to take the time to slow down, evaluate and take a breather. By jotting things down, you can identify areas in your day-to-day life that just aren't working and work to change them instead - hello increased productivity!. If you're an over-analyser (like myself) it really helps to gain some clarity and perspective - maybe I just spend too much time in my own thoughts but I feel like writing it down gives that much needed perspective.  

Personally, I really like the bullet journal method, as I can combine to do lists and calendars with my own personal thoughts and tailor it to suit my needs each day. A notebook, sketchbook (if you're artistic) or even your laptop will be absolutely fine! 

Pro tip: trying to schedule in more than 3 strenuous tasks per day is counterproductive and a quick route to burnout. 

Do you journal? What's your favourite method? 

Martha xo