Creating Flawless Skin with Clarins Marthadahhling

I recently discovered the wonderful Jasmine over at AFIA AND JAY who writes beautifully about her musings on adulting or to use the more adult phrase - navigating life. I was browsing her blog and came across this post about millennial beauty tribes which got me thinking: which millennial beauty tribe do I belong to?

I appreciate a good contour, a strong brow game and I absolutely love a golden glow but on an everyday basis, I am not in the business of putting on a full blown instagram model face. I like my daily make up routine to take no more than 15 minutes of my morning routine; I guess that gives me a membership to the minimal millennial beauty tribe. On an everyday basis, I like my make up to be minimal, quick and easy. I love that fresh faced, I woke up like this glow. I want to be that girl who rolls out of the house with tousled hair, minimal make up, even less effort and still looks like a VS model. Fear not, I don't believe any of that is unattainable but we all know that even VS models don't actually wake up, flawless. (I'll stop with the Beyonce lyrics now)

So how do they (and more importantly we) achieve this level of flawless skin? Well it definitely requires great skin and great skin starts with a great, consistent skincare routine. I'm quite grateful that after some teenage skin tantrums, my skin has finally calmed down but now I'm obsessed with getting and keeping my skin radiant and hydrated.

I'm not one for skincare fads be they trendy new brands or spa treatments. I do however love a good classic brand and what's more classic than Clarins? My mum used Clarins for over 20 years and her skin is flawless, so it was really time for me to get on board and get kitted out. I bought full size cleanser - opting for a gentle but effective cleansing milk - and a full size moisturiser which is part of their new hydro-essentiel range designed to protect your skin against daily thermic shocks. I also got some testers of the toner, blue orchid oil and acid exfoliator which I'll update you on when I've had a better feel for them. I think Caroline Hirons would be proud of my burgeoning skincare regime.

This is not a sponsored post - i.e I paid for errrythang! 

Comment below and let me know what beauty tribe you fall into?


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Creating Flawless Skin Marthadahhling