3 Ways to Wear Vinyl This Season

ICYMI, Vinyl is a big trend for AW17. Seen both on and off the runways, high-shine texture made a big impact. There’s something about vinyl that feels taboo and slightly anti-establishment - maybe it’s the association with the rebellious 70s punks and BDSM fashion. The beret, in keeping with the anti-establishment theme of the vinyl trench, pays homage to the beatniks of the 1950s (the booties were my own personal rebellion against my boring but beloved black boots). 

3 Ways to Wear Vinyl Edit .jpg

Now the beatniks weren’t quite as anti-conformist as the punks, but they felt a similar disillusionment and disorientation from mainstream society. Maybe my outfit, the general resurgence in styles associated with rebellious subcultures of years past and politically conscious fashion is a metaphor for my generation’s current plight. 

I digress. 

Back to the fashion. If sticking it to the proverbial man via historical style references isn’t your thing, there are many incarnations of the vinyl trend to suit a variety of personal styles. 

AW17 Vinyl Runway Trend_Fendi_Chloe_Vanessa Seward .png

Chloé kept it cute by reworking the iconic 70s pussybow blouse with a playfully subversive vinyl pinafore dress. This look is perfect for a less severe take on the trend. 

Fendi preferred a subtle is sexy, portraying a more grown up take on the vinyl trend. By punctuating floaty feminine dresses and midi-lengths with a vinyl thigh high boot, Fendi contrasted the style of the era’s rebellious protagonists with their glamourous and classy counterparts; a style that is perfect for those who prefer a more classic style but still want to experiment with the trend.  This red vinyl midi-skirt and thigh high combo is an absolute killer but the hi-shine midi can easily be switched out for a less lustrous version to a similar effect. 

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