4 Ways to Have the Perfect Weekend

How to Have the Perfect Weekend.jpg

Happy Humpday guys! We're halfway to the weekend which makes this quick guide expertly timed, if I do say so myself. 

When you're a student it feels like life is one big weekend (well unless you're a med student, sorry guys). It is only when adulthood and a 9-5 hit you that you learn the true meaning of a Friday feeling. So here's a quick guide on how to make the most of your weekend to ensure you feel ready to take on the week come Monday morning.  

1) Spend time with Family and or Friends 

I always find that spending quality time with family and/or friends is the perfect way to rejuvenate after a busy week. To be candid, the office atmosphere is quite exhausting. You may love your work colleagues, you may have the best office atmosphere amongst all your friends but you certainly can never be as free and unfiltered as you can be around your friends and family. So take the time to enjoy their company, laugh at inappropriate things that only your close friends will find funny, reminisce on family drama with your mum, shout at the telly with your dad. Spend your precious off-the-clock time with people that truly make your heart sing and allow you to be unapologetically you.  

2) Educate yourself. 

A friend once told me how much she misses university and the freedom to really delve deeply into a purely academic subject matter. It's funny how we take our time at school or university for granted. It's a time where we're able to focus solely on education for education's sake and it goes by so damn quick! Don't let that intellectual curiosity fall to the wayside though. Take the time over the weekend to develop a new skill, catch up with some educational reading and generally expand your mind through hobbies and non-work interests. 

3) Get some exercise 

We all know that exercise is good for you but, contrary to what Instagram will lead you to believe, few of us really make the time to get our heart rates up and our bodies moving. Whether it's opting for a brisk walk over public transport or trying out a new exercise class, don't let the weekend pass without getting a little physical activity in. 

4) Reflect on the past week then prep for the Week Ahead

A slightly boring tip to end on but a necessary one nonetheless. I'm a real goal-driven person so reflecting on the past week and prepping for the week ahead is really important to me. I find it helps me gain some clarity and a sense of control over the ever-uncontrollable journey of life (Don't worry I won't launch into full self-help speak). This doesn't need to be as serious as it sounds and doesn't need to encompass life-changing power moves but just turning your mind to reflection and preparation can help you have a more pleasant working week. 

What are your favourite ways to spend the weekend?