The Art of Dressing Up and Maximalist Fashion

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Looking into my monochromatic wardrobe for the millionth morning in a row, it hits me - Minimalism is dead to me. I have fallen out of love with the Scandi-cool, minimalist chic that I've been perfecting (well attempting to perfect) over the past 3 years; I'm ready to go balls to the walls with sartorial creativity please and dive head first into maximalist fashion. 

I think somewhere between my glow up part one (I believe it happened around 16/17 for me, part two is pending) and my immersion into student life, I lost my passion for dressing up. My present day style ethos can now be summed up somewhat scientifically: comfort > style. 

Getting dressed in the morning should be fun. Personal style is and always should be about wearing your creativity; it's about dressing for the person you want to be in that moment. I've always felt like clothes are akin to battle armour, mentally as well as physically preparing you for the day ahead. Clothing has such a transformative effect for me so wearing an outfit that I feel accurately portrays my personality is extremely important.

Looking back at my fashion evolution, I'd say my favourite personal style period was during my gap year. I was actively nurturing my inner creative by studying Fashion design at a local college and I was working in a dynamic, creative environment - Topshop Bullring Birmingham. My personal style certainly reflected all of these creative influences. 


Fashion blogging was still largely about creativity, self-expression and individuality then. Mavericks like Susie Bubble and Tavi Gevinson provided constant inspiration by sporting the most ridiculous yet brilliantly innovative and fearless outfit combinations. Moreover, the idea of an Instagram influencer was relatively unknown thus hadn't fallen prey to commercialisation and capitalism, so people were just doing (and wearing) whatever they felt like! 

I guess my style has become more about comfort, ease and cost per wear which is why minimalism made so much sense for so long. Nonetheless, I'm ready to unleash my inner Rihanna/Kahlana Barfield Browne/Elaine Welteroth/Anna Della Russo hybrid persona. Whether it's with a slightly ridiculous shoe, head to toe print or a yellow fur coat (this Mango version is what dreams are made of), I'm ready to use fashion to live out my maximalist ambitions. 

Remember, there is no such thing as being overdressed.   

Are you ready to live out your maximalist ambitions?