What the UK Launch of Glossier Means for British Beauty

Okay, my title is somewhat dramatic, but hear me out. 

So in case you've been living under the proverbial rock for the past month, you'll know that the long-awaited Glossier finally launched in the UK. British beauty junkies rejoice. 

I, for one, was extremely excited. A make up brand that promotes skin over make up and whose packaging and cult following make for the perfect Instagram fodder - what more can a girl ask for? Of course, I immediately threw caution to the wind and swiftly exercised my debit card; 3 days later my concealer was stretched and boy did my eyebrows look good (sorry, not sorry). Whilst I delve into the goods, literally, let me just send a wee observation that I had over your way. 

Do brands like Glossier, Milk and The Ordinary suggest a shift in prevailing beauty standards? It seems like recent years have been plagued by the maxims "more is more" and "you can never have too much." Kimmy K pioneered the heavy contour, heavy highlight layer-cake look (which translates wonderfully on the Red Carpet and in editorials, but is really quite terrifying in everyday life) and Kylie Jenner made us all want to over-line our lips (well maybe not all of us) but those high maintenance beauty looks may now be on the way out. 

The surge in popularity and cult status of these skin-centric brands might suggest that we're moving towards a more naturally beautiful era. An era where so-called imperfections are celebrated rather than berated; where your skin is allowed to breathe as you run for the tube; where you don't have to air-hug your date in order to protect his white shirt. If it gives me a little more time in bed, means I can successfully do my make up on the bus to work and, easily fit my beauty routine into those tiny airport plastic pouches then I am one hundred percent sold. 

Are you on board with the skin-centric, no-makeup makeup trend or are you Camp Contour?


Martha xo