Your typical 20-something year old trying to do it all, see it all and eat it all without getting fat, going broke or burning out. Martha Dahhling is a UK Based lifestyle blog all about how I try to do just that! 

Tell me more...?

I started blogging in 2012 as a place to share my personal style, inspirations and never-ending wishlists. After a couple of years break, I decided I wanted to create a space to share more than just my personal style, but also to talk about the things that cross my mind, keep me up at night (there's lots of those) and fill my heart with joy in the whole 'adulting' journey.

We all want to be fabulous while looking fabulous and slay all aspects of life, right? 

Martha Dahhling is therefore a place where I'll share lifestyle tips about productivity, self-awareness and wellbeing; travel tips, photo diaries and city guides; as well as style and beauty posts.

With this small space, I hope to inspire you to live your most sassy, wonderful life (or we can at least share in the struggle to get there).  If you're new to my blog or have been on board since the beginning, I want to hear from you - drop me a comment and let me know which posts you like or don't like. I love a good chat as well so say hi on my social channels (links are at the top) or send me an email (marthadahhling@gmail.com) and let's chat. 

(Also if you want to send red wine, something bubbly or food I am totally open to that.)

Martha xo